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Paige understands the Submersible Pump Cable business and delivers solutions to your applications. Our team has the focus, dedication and experience to handle any submersible cable request; large or small, customized special order or standard stock….we can help.

We Are
• Submersible Pump Cable Specialists
• Knowledgeable in submersible applications
• Leaders and Innovators in cable design and use for 50 years
• Flexible in creating business solutions that meet your needs
• Customer-Focused in designing programs that work for you
• Stocking Programs
• Specialty Cable Design and Manufacture

We Maintain
• The Largest Stock Selection of Submersible Pump Cable.
• Numerous Sizes 14 AWG - 1111 MCM
• Types of Pump Cables
• Flat/Round • Armored/Unarmored • Rubber/Plastic
• 600V/Medium Voltage
• A complete spectrum of cable and accessory needs
• Coast-to-Coast distribution from our Stocking Warehouses.

We Deliver
• Fast, Same-Day Shipping from Stock.
• Hard-To-Find and Specialty items.
• International Export and Distribution Expertise.