why lovo
because you need a pro

Who specializes in low voltage systems exclusively.
Who designs all their own cables to strict specifications.
With over 45 years of expertise.
Who’s approved by many quality driven OEM’s like Motorola, Notifier, Tyco/ADT, Muzak, Dukane, and Honeywell.
Who meets or exceeds ISO 9001 and Six Sigma standards.

because you need one-to-one service

Someone who answers the phone when you call.
Structured to support your large field install operation.
Specialists who recommend solutions, not parts.
Engineers who design and build custom cables.
Someone to find the hard-to-find items for you.
Someone who will stock a cable when others won’t.
Special order runs with minimum minimums.
Special order turnaround in 10 days or less.
Someone who’s expert in the latest UL, NEC and Local cable certifications.

because we take your business personally