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Paige has put together a complete line of sunlight resistant outdoor cables for aerial or burial applications. Because Paige is #1 in the irrigation control, turf management and landscape markets, we have the expertise to hook you up with just the right product for your
outdoor need. In this section you’ll find a small sample of what wecan do to help you, whether you’re flying it, burying it, laying it ona roof, or pulling it through a buried conduit. For example, we canset you up with cables for all of the following applications:

Access control Perimeter Security
Closed circuit cameras Power cable
CATV distribution Speakers
FA Panel Communications Sprinkler control
FA SLC loops Intercom's & paging
And many more….

Additional features of cables in this section:
Tough, proven jackets and insulation's
30, 300 and 600 volt rated cables
75, 90 and 105°C temperature ratings
ASTM bare or tinned copper
Dry tape water-blocking constructions
Wide range of UL listings to cover every need:
TC / FPL / CM / CL3 / DB