Lock Power Access Control Cables
Lock Power Access Control Cables
Plus Manufactured to your specific application
Plus Virtually unlimited options
Plus Costs less in total material costs
Plus Costs less in field installation labor
Plus Costs less for maintenance, service and expansion
Plus Personalized with your facility name
Plus Sequentially surface printed to show exact footage used and remaining, reducing installation waste
Plus We understand the access control business, products and applications
Plus Ship in two weeks
Plus Low minimum order quantity
Plus Also have stock standard products available
Plus Manufactured in the United States of America
Access Control System Readers come in all shapes and sizes. Security professionals offer many solutions ranging from older technologies like keypads and card readers to the latest in biometrics such as fingerprint, facial and retina scanners. As technology changes, Paige Electric stays abreast of the changes in technology and creates wire and cable solutions custom made to optimize performance while minimizing the cost of product and installation.

Common examples of Access Control Lock Power Cables to fit your needs:
Paige Part No.IllustrationPairs and/or CondNom o.d.DescriptionDetailsContacts
1U18021B1 2 18/2c STR CM 1000' BOX GRAY Contact
2U16022B1 2 16/2c STR CMP/FPLP 1000' BOX WHITE Contact
2U18022B1 2 18/2c STR CMP/FPLP 1000' BOX WHITE Contact
451402WDB 2 0.31000" 14/2c STR CL3/FPL/TC/DB WATERBLOCKED Contact
451602WDB 2 0.28000" 16/2c STR CM/FPL/TC/DB WATERBLOCKED Contact
451802WDB 2 0.26000" 18/2c STR CM/FPL/TC/DB WATERBLOCKED Contact
454696AWH 2 0.21000" 14/2c STR CL3P/FPLP White 1000' Reel Plenum Contact