PAIGE ELECTRIC ACCESS CONTROL CABLES permit cost effective installation of Physical Access Control Systems of all types and with many options.  Paige has cables designed to facilitate installation of simple systems which require only an entry authorization device such as a card or proximity reader and lock release.  We also have cable for much more complex systems with multiple identity verification components and monitoring devices such as biometric scanners, hand held remotes and visual verification using CCTV systems.

Most Access Control Systems have some system of identity verification coupled with entry/egress facilitation but the way in which these systems are wired can vary drastically.  Generally there are two primary methods of wiring, they are:

Point to Point – Devices are “home run” wired to the control panel.

Trunk – A trunk cable runs from the panel to a box over the entry point.  Devices are then separately wired from that box depending on the options used.

Paige can provide cables to meet either method of wiring.  We strongly recommend the use of Composite Access Cables (multiple wire elements combined in a single overall jacketed bundle) where possible to minimize the cost of pulling and to streamline and identify cables in an ever growing tangle found in wiring spaces today.

Most Access Control Systems make use of shielded multi-conductor or twisted pair cables to prevent or limit interference from outside signals.  Without some kind of design intervention, shielding a cable will inherently increase attenuation (signal loss) on data circuits which are critical to most access systems.  As such, care should be taken to select cables which will provide shielding protection without also limiting run distance.  Paige can help you to select cables which will meet your installation requirements.

Paige Electric can also help you to design custom cables with special color codes, jacket colors, installation instructions and surface print for large job structured systems.

For more information on Access Control Cables and their use with today's sophisticated systems, feel free to contact us at 800-327-2443 or via e-mail at