1 pac 3

Outperforms Comparable Capacity Reels!

1 Pac 2 – EXTRA HEAVY DUTY moisture resistant 1 Pac 2 features 2 double reinforced handles and carries up to 100 LBS.
1 Pac 3 - HEAVY DUTY moisture resistant 1 Pac 3 features a double reinforced handle and carries up to 40 LBS. Saves Money!

Faster Installations! No reel racks unless you want one! No extra hands needed to monitor cable payout! More space in your truck and your warehouse! No special shipping charges! No disposal costs – It’s Recyclable! Saves Time! Fewer SKU’s to manage! Drop a box and pull! No tangles or backlash or SPLINTERS!! Saves The Earth! Made of 100% recycled material! 100 % Recyclable – No Waste! Won’t end up in a landfill!

The 1 Package You Need!

1 pac 3

In response to customer challenges to eliminate this package, the PAIGE 1 PAC2 and the 1 PAC3 products were designed. Able to be used in all the same ways a reel is used but 100% recyclable, the PAIGE 1 PAC products are a "cradle to cradle" sustainable product. Paige 1 Pac VideoThat means it never needs to see a landfill. Moreover, this product is originally constructed using 50-75% recycled material so it contributes to sustainability in two ways.

We think OUTSIDE and INSIDE the box for our customers and for the environment.”